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Quirky Twist to your Teas and Coffees

Offering unique blend of coffee, bubble tea, and delish finger food, QuQu cafe recently opened its second store at Joy Street, Sector 66 in Gurgaon, "We are thrilled to announce the launch of our cafe. It is a brand-new concept that combines the best of both worlds -- bubble tea and coffee. With the growing demand for innovative beverage experiences among modern consumers. We aim to delight your taste buds and revolutionise your coffee and bubble tea cravings." share founder and co-founder of the outlet Janaka W and Nidhipma Bhardwaj.

The cafe continuously explores new flavours with its teas and coffees. Janaka and Nidhipma are bracing for an expansion as they launched the second store within two months after launching the first store. They are targeting a total of 100 outlets across India by the end of June 2025 and will soon open their doors to aspiring entrepreneurs through sub-franchise opportunities" informs brand's management team.